Recommendations for talking to etcd?

I am trying to work with an etcd cluster from Rust, but the eco system for doing so leaves certain things to be desired. I basically found two crates with different deficiencies:

Either is a no-go, really. I understand that issues are open to address both of these, but they seem to have lost traction. I honestly don't have the time to implement those myself right now.
So my question is simple: am I missing a crate here (perhaps not published on or named in a way that I didn't stumble over it)? I almost can't believe that the 18k downloads (>17k etcd, <1k etcd-rs) make up the entire Rust-etcd eco system.

You're not missing anything. It happens that crates need a bit of work.

You can use Cargo's path or git dependencies to improve them locally without being blocked by the upstream projects.

If the projects aren't active, you can republish a crate under a new name (e.g. etcd-v3 or such).