Recommendations for localization of Rust programs

I have an issue on one of my repositories about localizing my project. Apparently the gentleman has already translated the application to Italian, and is wondering whether he can contribute the translations back to my project or if he should just maintain his current fork. I've used Gettext in C and Vala programs and I see several crates which either reimplement Gettext or provide bindings. I'm curious if anyone here has experience with localization of their Rust code and what they might recommend using to do so. Thanks in advance.


Rust's standard for text localization is Fluent:

If you already have gettext files and would like to keep them, then there are gettext wrappers like this.


+1 vote for fluent - i've used it in my "first" mini app, so you can check for some patterns (not sure if code/quality is idiomatic though! :innocent: )

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I'm not worried about how idiomatic your code is. It's nice to get a real world code example. Thanks!

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