Recommendation for wasm forum?

  1. I admit up front this question is technically "off topic".

  2. I've been playing quite a bit with cargo --target = wasm32-unknown-unknown, wasmer, wasmtime -- and running into questions that are probably more "wasm" than "rust"

Are there any recommended forums for wasm support? (I've found a discord server + an fairly inactive forum; but no active forums so far).

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Replying to your other question about WAST, which seems to have been removed:

I'm not familiar with the library, but you could work backwards from parsing first, then debug printing (part of) the AST to see how it's constructed:

use wast::parser;

fn main() {
    let wat = "
        (type $t0 (func (result i32)))
        (func $ret42 (export \"ret42\") (type $t0) (result i32)
          i32.const 42 ))";
    let buffer = parser::ParseBuffer::new(wat).unwrap();
    let module = parser::parse::<wast::Wat>(&buffer).unwrap();

    if let wast::ModuleKind::Text(fields) = module.module.kind {
        if let Some(wast::ModuleField::Func(ret42)) = &fields.get(1) {
            println!("Parsed type: {:?}", ret42.ty);

    let type_use = wast::TypeUse {
        index: None,
        inline: Some(wast::FunctionType {
            params: Box::new([]),
            results: Box::new([wast::ValType::I32]),
    println!("Constructed type: {:?}", type_use);
  1. Thank you for replying.

  2. I got it working (turns out there was a field, defaulted to None, which specified the return type).

  3. I tried debug printing, but 'module' implements neither Debug nor Display, so I gave up on that. Looks like I should have put in more effort along this route.

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I guess you've already seen these WASM community resources, including the fairly active Reddit community. As WASM is often used indirectly via tools that generate WASM (e.g., Blazor, wasm-pack, etc.), I'd think most discussions happen in the respective forums for these tools.

Yes. I should have included this when I mentioned the discord server.

I agree. Unfortunately, that is part of the problem. I'm not trying to use any existing tools. I'm trying to think of wasm as a 'runtime container' (like wasmcloud, lunatic, wasmer, wasmtime) for rust plugins (and plugins not written in Rust).

If there was a community that welcomed all "for all X, X -> wasm compiler writers", it would be a great fit; but if it requires committing to a particular X up front, it's probably not a good fit.

The forum you’re looking for doesn’t exist, to my knowledge.

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