Recommendation for GUI library for Etherape clone in Rust?

Hey, folks.

I am totally new to Rust other than reading through The Rust Programming Language book and a couple of other references. I'm ready to take on a toy project and I've decided to try to re-implement the GTK3 and C app Etherape in Rust as a learning exercise. For those not familiar, its a network traffic sniffer+visualization app. The nature of the app is that it is probably going to doing traffic sniffing, data collection, and visualization in parallel and at a pretty aggressive clip in order to keep up with the packet flows.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to which GUI toolkit might be best for this purpose? Where "best" means I'd be able to come up with some rather custom visualizations which can be updated quickly and yet the experience would also be useful for learning Rust GUI programming? I was looking through the list on and it seems like perhaps relm, with its emphasis on being asynchronous, might be one to consider? But then again, maybe parallelism in Rust is more a function of the runtime and the GUI toolkit doesn't end up figuring into it much?

All perspective and suggestions are welcome. Thx!

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