ReadOnlyArray with stride

Suppose we have:

struct Foo {
  a: usize,
  b: String,
  c: Bar

and we have

x: ReadOnlyArray<Foo>

then I expect we should also be able to, in O(1) time, build

ReadOnlyArray<usize>, ReadOnlyArray<String>, ReadOnlyArray<Bar>

basically by keeping everything behind a Rc<Vec<...>> and playing with stride/offsets.

Is there any crate which provides this ?

I think these would be the building blocks. I don't know of a crate.


  • It can't be ReadOnlyArray<WholeOrPart> as the actual type; a type parameter can't choose and replace fields like that
  • Array implies static size, Vec implies dynamic size; maybe you meant Rc<[...]>

It isn't too difficult to write:

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