Reading FITS files from subdirectories

I am trying to implement the following python code in rust. It involves creating a list of files ending with S1D.fits, and extracting information from the FITS file.

import glob
from pathlib import Path

list_of_files= Path().cwd().glob("**/**/*S1D_A.fits") #create the list of files ending with S1D_A.fits in the current directory and subdirectories
for file_name in list_of_files:
    data=fits.getdata(file_name)  #read fits file and get data  
    flux=data.flux    #extract a values under column "flux"
    header=fits.getheader(file_name)   #read header of the fits file
    mjd=header['MJD-OBS']  #get value corresponding to MJD-OBS

I tried fitsio and fits-rs crates. But I could not do it. Does anybody know how to code for this?

Especially for python, proper formatting is important.

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