Reading creation date of video file

Hi Rustaceans,
I would like to be able to read the metadata for picture and video files. For pictures I use the rexif crate. But for video files I haven't found anything similar. Can someone point me to a good crate or github project?

I already found ffmpeg and ffmpeg-next. But I would like to use a pure rust implementation.


It's possible that pure-Rust library for this doesn't exist yet.

There's Firefox's mp4parse that may help, but you may need to modify it to get the specific mp4 boxes you need.

Like @kornel mentioned, a pure Rust implementation may not exist yet. I believe you can find the creation date for videos using ffmpeg as well.

Here's someone asking about getting the creation date using ffmpeg: FFMPEG - Get creation and/or modification date

Here's a crate that provides a wrapper to ffmpeg: rust-ffmpeg

Hope that helps!

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