Reactive Rust, "linking" two vecs

I have two vecs

vecA: Vec<Cell<f32>>,
vecB: Vec<Cell<f32>>

I want to maintain the following invaraints:

vecB.len() = vecA.len() * 2;
forall i:
  vecB[2*i] = vecA[i];
  vecB[2*i+1] vecA[i]

I never modify vecB directly (though I do read from it).


Now, is there a way to intercept/overload the /push operators on vecA so taht whenever vecA does a set or push, certain functions gets called to modify vecB in the corresponding way?

[The issue here is not ref, mut ref, or ownership. The issue here is “reactivity”, where modifying one var results in triggers that modifies another var.)

No, it’s not possible. You’ll have to use a custom wrapper type.

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