RCIG announces new Awesome Rust Cryptography list

Following a recent meeting on the subject, the Rust Cryptography Interest Group (RCIG) has compiled the following new list of noteworthy cryptography projects in the Rust ecosystem:

The RCIG's Awesome Rust Cryptography List

We've also just set up a https://cryptography.rs short URL which redirects to the list, although please expect intermittent certificate errors while it updates (ironic, we know).

In compiling the list, we tried to provide the most comprehensive compendium we could assemble of high-quality, actively maintained Rust cryptography projects which we think represent the best of what the Rust community has to offer.

Additionally, we are supplementing the list with information about which crates have been audited by cryptography experts, and include links to the audit reports for each of the crates which has been audited.

We would like to make this list a continuously-updated community effort, and to do that we need your help. If you would like to help collaborate on this list, including recommending crates for inclusion, providing links to audit reports, or if you have any other concerns, please open an issue on our coordination repo and include the relevant information about what you'd like to see included/changed.

We hope you find this helpful!


I noticed that The DevX Initiative · GitHub lists http://devxinitiative/ as url instead of https://devxinitiative.org.

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