rC3 2021 - meeting online

Hi all

Like last year the CCCongress is remote again and we are present with a small room and two games:

If you experience technical difficulties, the orga has its own chat here: RC3 Public Chat

I am looking for people that would like to present their project in the room or during a short session, contact me or comment bellow :slight_smile:


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You can visit the room now: WorkAdventure

On a side note: the exit portal is currently broken, I am working on that with others.

If you would like to look at the source code, have a look here: GitHub - ccc-rustaceans/room-map

The event is over and the infrastructure is gone again.

Some stats:

  • We had roughly 120 visitors on the 2D map.
  • The games were well received (small sample)
  • @Rahix held an embedded meetup, thank you!

You can play our two games with their direct links in the first post.

Happy new year :partying_face:

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