Rc<Vec<T>> vs Rc<&[T]>

Rc<Vec<T>> vs Rc<&[T]>

Is one always better than the other, or are there separate cases where each shines ?

Shared references are Copy, and I don't think it ever makes sense to reference-count a Copy type. (Reference-counting a non-'static type doesn't make much sense either.)

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Both are inferior to Rc<[T]>, AFAIK, since the only difference between Vec and slice is that vector is growable (which is impossible anyway inside Rc), and Rc<&Something> is, well, somewhat redundant, as both Rc and reference are instruments for sharing data.


Rc<Vec<T>> can be useful if you want to avoid copying from Vec<T> or want some CoW without borrowing. Rc::make_mut() is a handy function for the latter.


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