Rayon par_iter() println! being ignored

  1. I have the following code
    let lines: Vec<&str> = contents.split_whitespace().collect();
    println!("len: {:?}", lines.len());

    lines.par_iter().map(|s| {
            println!("line: {:?}", s);
        } );

  1. When I run it, I get output:

running 1 test
len: 15518
[[ 2 second delay ]]
test blahblah … ok

This confuses me. When I first ran this w/o the thread::sleep, there was no output, so I thought perhaps the parent thread finished before anything run. Now, however, I have added a thread::sleep for 2 seconds. Yet, I still get no output. What am I doing wrong?


Apparently the solution is to add a .collect() as map doesn’t seem to execute right away.

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Yep, iterators are lazy :wink:

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That is an excellent thread. I recall reading that thread from a few days ago. I think a subconscious memory of that triggered me to try .collect().

Lesson learned .map is lazy.


There should be a must_use warning in this case - did you not get that? That other thread would not have gotten the warning, because the iterator was in fact used, just lazily. But if you write a map that doesn’t even get assigned to anything, this should get a warning.

You can use for_each instead of map if you just want to execute something without collect.


Iterator laziness is called out explicitly in the docs, but it only came to mind when collect() was mentioned. :joy: