RAW Printer in Rust?

Hi. How to send ESC/P2 (RAW) command to windows printer (something like dot-matrix receipt printer, EPSON LX or TMU-220) with Rust ?

In C++ there's some library for that such as GitHub - Malanche/escpospp: Minimalistic c++ library for POS printers with escpos
In node.js there's a library called node-printer: GitHub - tojocky/node-printer: Native node.js printer

Rust however turns out to be lacking on that. The closest thing I found is GitHub - ancwrd1/ipp.rs: IPP protocol implementation for Rust. But this requires an IPP printer installed somewhere. Also doesn't work in Windows.

I believe there's should be one for Rust too. But I can't find anything on crates.io that closely resembles those two library.

It looks like escposify might be the crate you're looking for.

While I'm agree that this is the package I want, but it seems to be abandoned and I can't make it work.

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