Rand::thread_rng , rng.gen() // returning same values

I have a piece of code like

let mut rng = rand::thread_rng()
let ans = Vec<f32>::new();

Now, unfortunately, across multiple runs, the vector is returning the same list of random numbers (as if it’s using the same seed). How do I get it to use the current time (or some os randomness) as the initial seed?

I can’t reproduce the problem on playground

by default thread_rng will initialize it self from the OS and will periodically reseed it self, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

docs for thread_rng

If the problem persists, then you can file an issue on rand’s github here

Thank you for the rust playground example.

Sorry for the false alarm. crate rand is also generating different random numbers across different runs for me. The bug was elsewhere.