Question about refer to module method

Hi there, I've encountered a strange syntax

#[stable(feature = "rust1", since = "1.0.0")]
pub fn is_control(self) -> bool {

the Cc is confusing to me, it refers to module cc's method lookup, but I've got no idea how it works

pub mod cc {
    static SHORT_OFFSET_RUNS: [u32; 1] = [
    static OFFSETS: [u8; 5] = [
        0, 32, 95, 33, 0,
    pub fn lookup(c: char) -> bool {
            c as u32,

it's just re-exported as an alias. see:

Thanks for answering! I thought it’s some kind of syntax sugar that I’m not aware of :person_facepalming:.

Maybe rust-analyzer should have the ability to hint the alias (or maybe its already hinted but got ignored by me

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