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Hi there! :wave:

So basically, I was working on panamax, a solution to mirror and rustup.
The thing I was working on let me face another problem, which is:

  • Some crates (in fact 2), seems not to be accessible (403 HTTP response code):

Even the fact that those crates are old ones (around 6 to 7 years old), they are not marked as yanked in the index.
I even try from add them as dependencies in a dummy crate and I still have that 403 HTTP response code.

And anyway, I do not need them, but, I am just being curious here :smile:

So here's my question, why those crates can't be downloaded from :thinking:

Maybe there was a request to delete them because they accidentally contained data that is not supposed to be public (could be anything from accidental copyright infringement, trademark issues, personal/private/sensitive data, etc.). Returning a 403 might be a possible thing to do, but maybe a 410 would be better.

Anyway, it's just a guess. Not sure why these crates are not available.

Sure. But, shouldn't they be deleted from the index then?

Maybe that's difficult to do due to the architecture? No idea really.

There is an issue on GitHub about those crates

There are also more problems with the index

Oh. Thanks, didn't even think about looking over there.

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