Qt crates release 0.5

A new version of unsafe Qt bindings is released.

Release notes

Usage examples


Hi mate. I tried QML in Qt, but I can't change the QML files in your QML example. It seems like it's kind of cached or something.

Solved it by removing the recourse file and the custom build file.

The issue is Rust's build system doesn't yet know about the list of files used in the resource file. Touching the resource file should be enough to trigger a rebuild. As a stronger measure, cargo clean -p crate_name will remove the build artifacts and force a clean build. It's probably possible to get the list of files in the build script, but it was not done yet.

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Wow. Lots of changes here.

I will say it again... this is hands down my favorite binding to my favorite UI toolkit! I have gotten some serious work done with this. Thank you for the great work.

.Looks upgrading is going to be fun. If one does not want to make use of the new signal and slot goodness, is the upgrade fairly mechanical?

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