Python to rustlang

I am in the task of passing a Python code to Rust, but I had to qualify or classify some libraries that I do not know and see which of the corresponding Rust can serve to replace. I do not know if the selected ones are the correct alternatives, if there are any errors, please leave it in the comments.

Python Rust URL
from capstone import * Crate capstone capstone - Rust
import re Crate regex regex - Rust
import pefile Module object::read::pe object::read::pe - Rust
import sys Crate sys_info sys_info - Rust
import binascii Crate binascii binascii - Rust
import copy Module std::clone std::clone - Rust
import os Module std::os std::os - Rust
from collections import OrderedDict Module std::collections std::collections - Rust
from lists import * Crate lists lists - Rust
from ui import * Imgui-Win32 imgui-win32 0.2.1 -
import win32api Crate winapi winapi - Rust
import win32con Crate winapi winapi - Rust
from ctypes import windll Crate c_types c_types - Rust
from ctypes import wintypes Crate c_types c_types - Rust
import win32file Crate c_types c_types - Rust
import hashlib Crate hashlib hashlib - Rust
from stackpivot import *
from checkIt import *
import traceback Module std::backtrace std::backtrace - Rust
import time Module std::time std::time - Rust

The list is not completely covered by Rust, if anyone knows the alternative, still leave it in the comments.