Pure Rust forum software?

Is anyone using a pure-Rust forum software they like/recommend ?

I mainly need support for:

  • small set of moderators
  • larger set of people with write access
  • anon allowed to have read access

I don't need support for things like direct-msgs; advanced-moderation (hammer of ban vs not-ban suffices); -- something with the features of news.yc but with the UI of discourse would suffice.

Pre-emptive: why does it need to be pure Rust? Why can't you use Discourse ?

I'm hacking on a toy game server in Rust. I'd like something that I can integrate with that (and not deal with having two separate languages, declaring data types in two separate languages, and doing Rust-serde <-> Ruby/whatever).

How about Lemmy ? Probably a bit overkill for your use but it does all of it plus some nice extras (being connected to the fediverse is a niice one).


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