Pure Rust (can compile to wasm) autio codecs?

I believe the most popular is opus, but on crates, it appears to all be things that depends on bindings https://crates.io/search?q=opus

Is there any pure-rust audio encoder / decoder ?


I did write a Rust port of the mp3 encoder LAME, but never published it as I haven't been sufficiently convinced that it's correct (i.e. I should understand more of the math and figure out how to write even more instrumentation & tests, etc.) but... maybe I should work on it again..

My motivation was that mp3 is for sure the most widely supported format for playback.


In your opinion, how does mp3 compare to opus for voice? For a fixed quality, what is (mp3 bit rate / opus bit rate) ? 0.5? 1? 2? 10?

Opus is less than half of file size of mp3 at equivalent quality, and it has special compression features for voice that allow it to work at very low bitrates, below what is possible in mp3.


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