Publish two binaries from same code?

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a silly question.

I have a project (this one) which produces two binaries, a client and server. They currently build from one Cargo.toml and share some code in the form of a

I would like to publish both the client and server to so that a single cargo install my-thing will install both binaries.

Do I just add a

name = "my-cool-binary"
path = "src/"

for each of the binaries?

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You don't need to make any changes; just publish your project as-is. cargo install always installs all binaries from a package. (Well, you might want to change the binary names from client and server to something less generic. :slight_smile:)

If you want to test the cargo install behavior before publishing, you can use cargo install --path . in a local clone of the project, or cargo install --git

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Thanks for the response! That's much simpler than I expected :rocket:

One followup: currently, the binaries are named and Would I add the [[bin]] sections if I want them to be named something else? Or would it just be easier to just rename the files?

Both approaches are valid. Personally, I like to use the source filenames to control the binary names, just so I don't have to remember what files map to which names.


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