Publish to as a Github org?

Is it possible to publish to as a Github org (rather than a single user)?

I couldn't find any information on this, which makes me think it is impossible. Also logging to with my Github account does not give me any option of choosing to act as the org. However, I took a look at the rand crate by the Rust team ( Their listed owners include teams in Github orgs. I am guessing there should be a way to achieve this. Any information would be helpful. Thanks a lot.

You can create a release team in your GitHub organization and use it instead.

Thanks for the info. Can you elaborate more? How can I use the team to publish a crate?

You should first publish the crate as yourself. Then you can add a GitHub team as owner. E.g. when adding the Tokio org's core team as owner to a crate, I do:

cargo owner --add github:tokio-rs:core

Yes, you can publish as an org. However, crates must still have at least one individual user owner, because currently GitHub teams are not allowed to manage owners.

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