Publish To cargo Always Fails?

I have published a few packages to cargo using the "rust-to-npm" and also just with the cargo publish command.

However, when I try to publish anything now I get a strange error from cargo...

I am trying to publish the "01_hello_world" project here: rust-cli-examples/01_hello_world at main · JimLynchCodes/rust-cli-examples · GitHub

I have set up my credentials using "cargo login".

When I run cargo publish though it just gives me this vague error...

error: failed to publish to registry at

Caused by:
  the remote server responded with an error: this crate exists but you don't seem to be an owner. If you believe this is a mistake, perhaps you need to accept an invitation to be an owner before publishing.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there some issue that the main registry is down??


The crate already exists and you don't seem to be the person owning it. Try renaming your crate by setting the field in your Cargo.toml to something other than hello_world, like jam_hello_world (doesn't exist yet), for example.

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