Publish Rust cli and library project

I have a Rust project that is simultaneously CLI and library with the project tree like this:

├── Cargo.toml
└── src
    ├── bin
    │   └──

I want to publish the library (not the CLI) to with cargo publish, but I get this error

the remote server responded with an error: 
invalid upload request: invalid value: 
string "Rust cli and library project"

How can I publish only the library part of the project and not the CLI?

Publish works on entire packages (a Cargo.toml defines a package). If you want to publish one and not the other, you will have to split your package into two packages (possibly in a workspace).

That said, the error you received sounds like you have a syntax error in your Cargo.toml or something. What are the contents of your Cargo.toml and what command did you run?

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Thank you to lead me to inspect the Cargo.toml thoroughly.
The problem was in Cargo.toml "keywords".
I had spaces in the string and that is not allowed.
My content were:

keywords = ["Rust cli and library project"]
Note: has a maximum of 5 keywords. 
Each keyword must be ASCII text, start with a letter, 
and only contain letters, numbers, _ or -, 
and have at most 20 characters.

After I corrected that, my publish was successful.
It is published as a library, not as a CLI.
Just as I wanted.

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