Public function returns type in a private module

If a public function returns a type that's defined in a private module, how do I store the resulting value in a struct? If I try to define the struct using the type, I get an error that the type is private.

If all you need to know about the type is that it implements some trait, then you could convert the value into a Box<dyn SomeTrait> and store that. This is often used for futures in async Rust.

Besides this, there's no way to do it.

Hmm. Is that generally a bad practice? Should I ask the library author to make the type public? It seems strange to me that I can get the value, but can't keep it.

You might be not supposed to store this value in struct, only in local variable, where the type can be inferred. However, I agree that this looks like a very edge case.

Can you link to the function? Sometimes there are good reasons.

(it won't let me post more than two links, please excuse the plain text)


Function defined here:

Type defined here:

Module declared here:

I left a comment on the PR that it should include pub use crate::copy_both::CopyBothDuplex which seems to match the similar CopyOutStream and CopyInSink.

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