Pub use extern "C" functions from other crates

Is it possible to re-export an extern "C" function from another crate so it'll be included in your dynamic library (*.so or DLL)?

I remember seeing an issue for something like this on the rust-lang/rust issue tracker but now I can't find it to see what the status is.

Here's a simple example of what I'm talking about.

In crate a:

pub extern "C" fn add(a: u32, b: u32) -> u32 { ... }

And crate b:

#![crate-type = "cdylib"]
extern crate a;

pub use a::add;  // ensures the *.so contains `add`

You'd then compile crate b, and when inspecting the symbols which are exported in you should see the a::add() symbol.

$ nm | grep ' T ' 
0x12345678  T add

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