Provide rust tools over the network (CVMFS)

Hi Folks,

yesterday I suggested in this topic: Rustup offline network - #4 by siscia the use of CVMFS to distribute tools for working with rust.

CVMFS is a read-only file system that -- once mounted in the client machine -- provide access to the whole software stack installed in the server.

It is used mostly inside CERN and other big experiments to distribute software inside the datacenter.

Maybe could be interesting to run the same infrastructure to distribute rust and its toolchains.

It will allow to basically have any version of rust in your local machine without installing it first, at the cost of downloading whatever files are necessary from the network when you need them.

Is it something the community could find useful? Should I provide such service?

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This sounds neat!
Anything that'll help CERN and other scientists use Rust sounds like a win for Rust to me.

Actually I am thinking about provide it to the open web.

More for us than for CERN user, that already have their way to get software :slight_smile:

Oh, of course -- I was expecting that was implied :wink:

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