Protecting cargo namespaces

I were looking for packages suited for surrealdb.
I wanted a client, a few utilities and maybe an ORM.
Upon looking at the crates available i found that a user Oyelowo had occupied the namespace for:
None of the crates have been documented or given any useful info and allthought i could find the repository on the guys github, and there is no link to the source repository.
Im new to this package manager, but i cant help but feel that this is sus and that this kind of namespace hoarding should not be allowed. Is there any way of addressing this such that Rust doesnt become yet another language where the tech stack sounds like a grocey list?


Also relevant:

Unfortunately for you, Oyelowo was not on that list of name squatters. With the new policy you might be able to take over these packages, even if you can't reach the owner:

If the current owner is not reachable or has not published any contact information the team may reach out to help mediate the process of the ownership transfer.


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