Proposal: comm/chat: Ditch Discord

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Although it is proprietary and centralized, that does not make it bad software. The most commonly cited replacement is Matrix, but that's often seen as still underdeveloped.

So I ask; you've presented an issue, what's your proposed solution?


Not sure why the OP has been hidden. Seems like a reasonable point of debate.

Should we also worry that the entire Rust/Crates world seems to be dependent on GitHub?

I don't have much to say about either. It just seems to me that having all the eggs in one basket is not so wise.

The OP didn't provide any substantive info, and "no endless re-litigation" is a thing. Rust, as a project, is clearly okay with relying on proprietary software to function.

This thread was also created by a brand new user, which I look at with suspicion. It looks like exactly the kind of thing someone would do if they want to stir up trouble.

If someone wants to put together a serious proposal for moving Rust off of proprietary software, then of course, said discussion would be fine. Otherwise, it's just chasing tails around the maypole.