Proper Piston window event loop usage for game?!

I'm attempting to use double-buffering to drag a chess piece on a chessboard. Once having drawn a piece on the board in memory, a texture must be created to have the piston window event loop display the board.
In the following event loop code, is the update event the appropriate place to create a new texture? Is that the intent of the update event?

    let mut cot_app = CotApp::new();
    cot_app.on_load(&mut window);
    while let Some(event) = {
        match event {
            Event::Loop(Loop::Update(ref upd)) => cot_app.on_update(upd),
            Event::Loop(Loop::Render(ref ren)) => cot_app.on_draw(ren, &mut window, &event),
            Event::Input(ref inp, _) => cot_app.on_input(inp),
            _ => {}

It apparently is the right place.

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