Proof of Concept: Rust code in Unreal Engine

I recently finished a proof of concept for getting Rust code integrated into Unreal Engine.

Please let me know what you think! Unreal Engine has a lot of features that I would find it hard to walk away from, but I also love Rust, so it was a great pleasure to work on a project that bridged the two.



Your "full write up" link does not work.

It looks like you can only access it if you have access to the Unreal source code (NDA/licensing reasons, probably):

You’ll need to be logged into GitHub with an account that has access to the Unreal Engine source code. If not, the link will look like a 404 – but it’s easy to request access.

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Ah, sorry, yes.

I'll give that a mess then. Thanks.

Massively exciting! :open_mouth: :heart: