Promoting my universal code beautification tool: Tabspace

Hey guys

I am a C, C++, and Rust programmer. I just wrote a small code formatting tool which is supposed to be useful for all languages.

You can see the rationale for my tool there and download the binary (currently only windows). If there is a considerable following in the future, I will release the latest source code. Currently only an early version of source code is uploaded to github.

I hope you will like my tool.

Latest update from the author: I have uploaded the latest source code to github.

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I suspect you will have trouble getting programmers to download an random binary that doesn't match your source code.

(Especially when it's unclear why I would use it for Rust over customizing rustfmt's options.)


I accept your recommendation. I have uploaded the latest source code to Github.

Could you please go there for a look and leave your comments?

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