Promote project in Rust

Hi there!

I've made a small project

This is not just a linter for .env files - it is a friendly Open Source project, the purpose of which is to help other programmers to learn Rust using an example of a simple but at the same time useful tool. In addition to studying Rust, this project has another goal - to instill a love of Open Source and provide an opportunity to contribute to the Open Source project in Rust.

I'd like to promote this project. Do you have any ideas?
Any help is appreciated!


If you write up a blog post or tutorial showing how you built it or some things you learned from it, then you can post it to this forum and/or the Rust subreddit. From there it'll get picked up by the This Week in Rust newsletter.

Messaging or tweeting to the @rustlang Twitter account can be another good way to share news or resources.


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