Project description file (.project) for '.cargo' is missing

Hello everybody,

I have Eclipse running right on Ubuntu 18.04 installed by snap installation, I've recently installed the Eclipse Corrosion Rust plug-in, I've just created a hello-world and a hello_cargo project and after that I experimented a problem, everytime I start Eclipse it throws the below error message:

I searched Stackoverflow and found a question with the same error, however their solution does not work in my case:

I've tried to delete the .location file of those project folders, tried to delete entirely both projects from the workspace folders and even from the /home/me/projects (my folder for cargo projects) where the projects were imported, reinstalled the plug-in, overwriting those projects, created from new... The fact is that I can run those projects or create new rust projects on Eclipse and it works right, but everytime I started Eclipse it throws the error, I don't know how to fix it.

Anybody know how to solve that?

Thank you very much.