Programming to control various hardware

how to write code for controlling various hardware like reduce screen brightness,opening and closing cd driver,increasing volume,take screenshot etc....
i any one know how to code this type of things please help or recommend any learning source

There is nothing Rust-specific in this. You'll have to split the problem into two parts:

  1. How to control these hardware properties in any language.

  2. How to adapt that to Rust (e.g. call commands, edit config files, use libraries, make system calls).

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so should i import assembly language or bash script code to rust language as package for hardware operations like writing a command in bash and run it using rust language

Ah, if you're writing directly for specific hardware (such as a device driver or code running without an operating system), then see resources for embedded programming in Rust:

You might need some assembly for such things, but not always. For example, you can read and write arbitrary memory addresses directly by casting integers to pointers and using ptr::write_volatile and such.