Profiling memory allocations

I am on Windows 11 and using rust-nightly-msvc. My Rust application memory usage is quite high which I want to reduce as much as possible. Most of the memory is allocated at the beginning. I would like to know which functions/modules allocate how much of it, and in what frequency.

I am new to Windows and unaware of any out-of-the-box solution. A few posts (especially suggested Intel vtune but could not find the option to do memory profiling (maybe I am missing some drivers). I'll probably also ask for help on vtune forum as well.

What are my options here? Profiling - The Rust Performance Book is of little help.

I'm not sure if this is feasible, but if you got WSL going you could compile for a linux target and then do perf with the tools listed in the section like *_grind.

I don't use windows though so I don't know if this would work! Best of luck!

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