Productivity: Time spent writing code vs test/debug/fix?


Have you tried type hinting + PyCharm? It’s not perfect, but surprisingly helpful. I don’t think I could ever go back to Python development without it (because I absolutely felt your pain).


Type hinting helps but alas I’m stuck on Python 2.x, so it’s not so pervasive. I’m certainly not convinced that coding Rust is any slower than coding Python - I think for coding in the large Rust easily wins.


There’s a Python 2.7 compatible flavor that uses comments, but I agree it’s not as nice to use. And you’re right that many third party libraries unfortunately don’t use it yet. PyCharm can infer the types often, but only about 60% of the time for un-type hinted code.

Python 3 flavor:

def embezzle(self, account: str, funds: int = 1000000, *fake_receipts: str) -> None:
    """Embezzle funds from account using fake receipts."""
    <code goes here>

is equivalent to the following Python 2.7:

def embezzle(self, account, funds=1000000, *fake_receipts):
    # type: (str, int, *str) -> None
    """Embezzle funds from account using fake receipts."""
    <code goes here>


Thanks - I’ve been using type: on vars but on functions. - That helps a lot.
(Python is still a poor man’s Rust.)