Problems with stdweb and unreachable messages in console


a while ago I made a little music sequencer for the browser using wasm-bindgen and stdweb. Now, about 2 years later I started looking into it again and tried to re-compile it locally, but it seems like it's not working anymore.

When I start it, I immediately get an "unreachable" message in the console.

Now, after looking for the problem in my code for a bit, I compiled and ran the wasm-bindgen-minimal example and it has the same problem, when I try to load it in the browser I can only see the "unreachable" message.

I opened an issue in the stdweb repo, but I wonder if anyone else ran into this ? Was there some breaking change ? It seems like stdweb hasn't been actively developed for a while.

Here's the issue: `RuntimeError: unreachable` when loading `wasm-bindgen-minimal` example in the browser ... · Issue #422 · koute/stdweb · GitHub

EDIT: Sorry, maybe I should clarify, the problems happens when trying to capture data in the js!() macro, the way it's done in the example.


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