Problems finding module when compiling

I’m trying to create a project that builds both a lib and a bin, but I’m having problems getting the compiler to recognize a module when building.

Here’s my project tree:

Here’s the error I get when I have the module in the src dir:

error[E0583]: file not found for module `hasher`
 --> src\
1 | pub mod hasher;
  |         ^^^^^^
  = help: name the file either lib\ or lib\hasher\ inside the directory "src"

So I’ve done what the compiler suggests and move the file to lib\hasher like so:

Now I get the following error:

error[E0583]: file not found for module `hasher`
 --> src/
1 | pub mod hasher;
  |         ^^^^^^
  = help: name the file either or hasher\ inside the directory "src"

I have no idea how to get this to compile. Any advice?

Here’s the contents of my Cargo.toml if that matters:

name = "tool"
version = "0.1.0"
authors = ["Jeramy<>"]
edition = "2018"

crypto-hash = "0.3.3"
filebuffer = "0.4.0"

name = "hasher"
path = "src/"

name = "tool"
path = "src/"
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What’s in your src/main. rs? And what happens if you name the file src/ and remove these sections from your Cargo.toml?

So I figured it out, but I don’t understand part of the problem.

I placed my extern crates in the lib mod and that helped, but I also had to remove pub mod lib; from

@carols10cents, I had the externs in and pub mod lib; I did what you suggested, removing the stuff from the config and naming the file src/ and it still failed the same way.

Moving the externs to and removing pub mod lib fixed the issue, although I don’t understand why. I also don’t understand why I was getting the error messages and why they would change to back and forth when I followed the compilers instructions.

Are you trying to use modules directly in the bin?

The usual approach is:

  • Only the library part uses modules. All modules belong there. Some may be public.

  • The bin includes the library

  • The bin is one file only. It only uses modules indirectly via the library.

  • Module files are never in both bin and lib.

If that is to limiting, split the project into two crates.

I think having pub mod lib; in bin was the biggest problem.

lib is a starting point for a library. You can’t reuse it as a module. The whole library will be compiled and made available to you in the binary automatically.

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