Problem with the latest 32bit Nightly 1.10


I’ve tried to install the latest 32bit Nightly 1.10 on a Windows vista:

Until now this version of the compiler was working fine. But now it gives me an error like:

Can’t find SetThreadErrorMode of KERNEL32.dll.


You should probably file this as an issue on GitHub instead of a thread here.


The compiler is guaranteed to run on Windows 7+. In particular that is the requirement of the latest LLVM releases.


That’s probably the cause, thank you, I missed this change.


I keep hearing of ppl still supporting Windows XP for (sad) reasons. But the continuous existence of Windows Vista totally slipped my mind.


Rustc only supports running on Windows 7 and newer. You can use rustc to target Windows Vista and XP as long as you don’t use any library stuff that requires features from newer versions of Windows.


Apparently even asking the version to the compiler (with -V) requires a newer version of Windows.


LLVM links to functions that don’t exist in Windows Vista. Since all DLL imports are resolved by the PE loader before it can even begin running, it errors out before it has a chance to see what flags you passed and tell you the version.