Problem with GATs in an async trait after updating nightly Rust

Do you want to open a new issue with your minimal example(s), or should I do it, giving the context of my problem (that might be irrelevant in regard to the bug)?

I'd be happy if you make a new issue, but I can do it as well. Whichever you prefer. I feel like you have a better understanding about the underlying problems than I do.

It's certainly fine to give context. Feel free to go ahead and open the issue yourself; of course including the minimized examples. Includign a link to this thread is also not a bad idea.

I opened an issue (#90696), trying to put everything we know so far together.

Not sure how to do that? Maybe tagging is restricted to people with certain permissions?

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You can do it with "@rustbot label F-generic_associated_types"

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Done. I couldn't have known that :joy:

Btw. thanks to the both of you for your help so far and helping me to file the bug report, mentioning the relevant issues, etc. :smiley:

I mean I don't have time to deep-dive on it and would defer to your investigation of if it's "really a #87479 thing" or not.

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