Problem installing Rainicorn for Eclipse

Noob question here. I'm installing Rainicorn for Eclipse & RustDT and I get the following error :

Compiling libc v0.2.14
error[E0642]: patterns aren't allowed in methods without bodies
--> C:\Users\Abby.cargo\registry\src\\rustc-serialize-0.3.19\src\
147 | &f_name: &str,
| ^^^^^^^

I can't seem to find anything via Google. Anybody seen this or know how to correct this?


It looks like RustDT has dependencies out of date: RustDT / rainicorn - and the rainicorn project is not maintained any more.

It is using rustc-serialize crate in an old version that doesn't work any more. The whole crate is deprecated, and the current version is 0.3.24.

That old version has a bug that was accidentally allowed by the compiler a couple of years ago. In traits functions are supposed to declare arguments as name: type or just type, but pattern: type used to work by chance, since trait declarations didn't have a body, so the pattern was never executed.

Also RustDT itself is no longer maintained, and thus probably shouldn't be your first choice of IDE to use:

You probably want to look at intellij-rust or VSCode.