Printpdf 0.1.0 released - A library for generating PDF files

Hi. Over the past couple of months I've worked on a "good" PDF library for generating print-ready PDF files.


  • Page generation
  • Graphics (lines, shapes, bezier curves)
  • Images (currently BMP only or generate your own images)
  • Embedded fonts (TTF only) with Unicode support
  • Advanced graphics - overprint control, blending modes, etc.
  • Advanced typography - character scaling, character spacing, superscript, subscript, outlining, etc.
  • PDF layers (you should be able to open the PDF in Illustrator and have the layers appear)

So yeah, everything else is in the readme. For some reason, the documentation link does not work (yet?).

Also the library currently depends on "bugfix" versions of other libraries, because the library maintainers did not merge relevant bugfixes in time / and / or don't maintain their libraries anymore. I'll swap the libraries back once the merges are done, but I wanted to get this library done today so other people can already use it. I know that this is not how you should do things, but it does not affect any library usage.

I wrote the library for commercial purposes, so it will get updates, in my own interest.

Have fun creating PDFs!