Println! instead of web_sys::console::log_1(&msg.into())?

In wasm32-unknown-unknown target, is it possible to have println!(...) route to the dev console, so we don't have to use


everywhere ?

You can define a macro with macro_rules! that will do that. But instead of shadowing println you might want to call it log or something similiar to avoid confusion.

not generically useful but worked:

The problem with both of these solutions is that it requires I add web_sys feature console as a dependency to everywhere I want to use println.

Logically this seems a bit weird -- I have some crates that are largely data structures (but occasionally printf debugging) and now they depend on web_sys feature console.

I am wondering if there is another way (in the spirit of set panic hook), where those libraries do NOT depend on web_sys, but the 'main web_sys crate, at runtime, hijacks println and reroutes it to console log'.

not much ideas. got some search results but looks more complicated to use:

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