Printing json out to a web page

I have access to an api (blockchain api) that sends json back to me. I want to print it out to a web page (I am using nginx as a web server to serve up static web pages but flexible on servers). Very basic, nothing complex. All I want to do is take the json and print it out to the webpage to see how it's done. I am not creating an app or anything like that, that's a bit more advanced stuff, i can't handle that yet.

Where should I start as far as documentation? Is there a library I should look at first? What should I use to start off? Tokio feels a bit too complex for me at this stage. I really am clueless of where to begin, just need a little advice and I can take it from there once I have some good docs available. If I just guess I'll probably waste time and end up learning things the wrong way. :smiley:

If you already have nginx running for static files, the easiest is probably to just use std::fs::write to write the html to a file, then let nginx serve it.

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