Print slice element in rust-gdb

Hello everyone!

I can’t get anywhere command for rust-gdb that prints several elements of slice? I can do it in GDB but there is inconvenient printing. I type command print myslice[1]@2 in GDB and it prints me 2 elements from the first one e. g. the second and the third. If I type the same command in rust-gdb I get an error Cannot subscript non-array type. I get the same error if I try to print single element from a slice.

What should I do to get rust-gdb to print arrays?

Also, I know about rust-lldb but I haven’t use it ever. Trying to print an element I get such error error: type '&mut [rust_learning::process::Process]' does not provide a subscript operator. I can switch to rust-lldb but it appears it has the same issue.

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