Primeclue 0.1.0 released


I'm not new to programming, but I am sort of new to Rust. I liked it so much that I've rewritten one of my pet projects. It's still at 0.1 but hopefully it's ready to be shared with others.

So, I'm pleased to announce Primeclue - a data mining / artificial intelligence project. It's not yet another implementation of the beaten path of neural networks. Instead, it yields a prediction by using decision trees built from mathematical functions. Learning logic is implemented from scratch in Rust - it doesn't use any ready-to-use AI libraries. GUI runs in a web browser and is written in Vue.js. It talks to backend via rest & Actix. I've done some tests and it seems like it is capable of learning.
As it's my first (biggish) Rust program, it probably isn't very Rust-y. I'm open to all kinds of improvements so feel free to make PRs. At the moment it's really basic. It's possible to run the full workflow (import data, train a classifier, get predictions on unseen data) but nothing more. It works for me (I believe in dogfooding), so maybe it can work for others. It's licensed under AGPL.



Do you plan to release this as a standalone lib on Crates?

The library part - yes, but I'll wait for some stabilization so maybe around 0.5. As for API I'm not sure if it makes sense.

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Yeah I'd be interested in having this as a lib. looking forward to it.

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