Presenting Palette - A linear color calculation and conversion library

I have finally released a first version of Palette, which is meant to make linear color calculations and conversions between color spaces easy and accessible. Its features includes conversion to and from gamma corrected and sRGB pixel representations, operations such as lighten and desaturate, and linear gradients. It may be useful in areas like 3D rendering, photo manipulation, and some games.

This is a first release, so there are still many areas that can be improved, but doing so will be easier with some user feedback. It would be great to hear what you think about the way things are structured, as a whole, the way colors are converted between color spaces, the generic Color type, etc., as well as anything else you thinks about it. What’s good? What could be better? How could it be better?


I hope you will find it useful and I’m happy to answer any questions.