Pre-RFC: Option eq_some method

Currently, I can write one of:

  1. if option == Some(foo)
  2. if matches!(option, Some(v) if v == foo)

The first is shorter and more readable but the second seems more idiomatic and performant.

So, I would like to be able to write the following:

if option.eq_some(&foo)

Would this be a good addition to Option in std?

I disagree. I think the first is perfectly idiomatic, and their performance is identical. For example, these two functions compile to the same machine code.

If you want to write the first as a method instead of an operator, you can already write:

if option.eq(&Some(foo))

which is only one character longer than your proposal.


It's just not very obvious to me that the compiler will optimize away creating the right hand side Option.

Ah, yeah, it can be a problem if the Option contains a non-Copy type that you don’t want to clone or move. In those cases you have to do something like:

option.as_ref() == Some(&foo)


option.map_or(false, |x| x == foo)

Lo and behold, this is already underway. See tracking issue for contains.


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