Powershell equivalent to [program] < [file]

Hi guys,

I'm new to Rust and try to follow some tutorials. I work on a Windows notebook with Powershell.
In this csv tutorial I can't start the example program in Powershell. The instruction says you start ./target/debug/[program] < [csv file] but Powershell complains that < is not a valid command.

Can you please help me?


If I remember correctly...

Get-Content myfile.csv | & ./target/debug/program.exe

The & might not be required, but I'm not sure.

Thank you for the quick reply :wink:
println! still doesn't show me the content of the csv file, but at least Powershell don't complaints.
I will look at the Rust code, may be it can't read the csv properly.

Ok, the solution was to use cmd instead of powershell :smiley:
at cmd level [program] < [csv file] is working flawlessly

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